Ben 10 OmniGames Lite iPhone Apps

Download Free Ben 10 OmniGames Lite iPhone Apps. Grab your Omnitrix and prepare for battle in Ben 10 OmniGames Lite! Charge up your Omnitrix and tear through the jungle as Wildmutt. Play as Wildmutt and leap across platforms, dodge enemies and use incredible speed to get as far as you can!

Play as Stinkfly, XLR8 and Fourarms in THREE MORE explosive games! Test your alien abilities as you battle vicious bats, gruesome slugs and electrifying drones! Ben 10 OmniGames includes:

FOURARMS SMASH - Tap the screen to pulverize mutant bats and collect BIG power-ups using Fourarms’ gargantuan fists! Smash enough enemies and charge up your Omnitrix to unleash the all powerful Big Smack ability!

XLR8 TO THE RESCUE - When Ben needs speed, he needs XLR8! Dodge speeding traffic, smash battle drones and defeat Hoverboard, a mysterious alien bounty hunter, in this action-packed adventure!

Soar through the sky as Stinkfly! Fly through the twisting cave, avoid the snapping tentacles and dodge the exploding spores! Collect the green orbs to charge the Omnitrix or risk transforming back into Ben in midair!

- 4 of your favourite Ben 10 characters
- Explosive and action-packed gameplay
- 4 exciting games
- Optimised retina display
- Live global leaderboards

Disclaimer: This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator. Created by 'ajid' 'penulis kecil'.

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Gus Nana said...

Nice article I like it..

Penulis.kecil said...

Thanks Gus Nana :)

Jack said...

I love OmniGames in iPhone .....


Toshiba nb505

Penulis.kecil said...

Thanks Jack ;)

dayat said...

blognya keren.....

Penulis.kecil said...

thanks gan :D

Steffi said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

Symbian Developer

Penulis.kecil said...

thanks Steffi :)

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