Download Social v1.03 Symbian Mobile Games

Name : Social v1.03 Symbian Mobile Games    : Sis    :  3.09 MB    : 1.3
Download Social v1.03 Symbian Mobile Games

View live updates from your favorite social networks pushed the screen. Social contacts with the ability, now you can see what your friends are doing before making a phone call.

Facebook Import right into the phone's calendar events. Perfectly send pictures and videos from your camera phone? Just shoot and share! Update your status with the location and points of interest, making it easier than ever to share news, make plans and stay connected.

Currently has the support of Facebook:
- Message status update
- Update on status line with the location (ie, the nearest address or point of interest, for example, a restaurant, hotel, etc)
- View your Inbox / Sent folder
- View Message
- Respond to this message
- Compose a new message
- Delete Message
- Mark Read and unread
- See the list of food and supply items
- View comments associated with a food item
- Add comments to a power issue
- Add, as a food item
- Unlike a feeding point (ie, remove a well from a food?)
- Warning display features (number of unread messages, # friend requests, event invitations #)
- View your request list
- View Event List Invitation
- Accept / reject the friend request
- Accept / reject / maybe an invitation to an event
- Wall s own or friend View '
- View own or friends' s profile information
- Post on the wall Friend (text only)
- Call / send SMS to a friend
- See the list of upcoming events
- Find the next birthday
- Import of birthdays and events in the device calendar
- Upload one photo
- Load a single photo tags
- Upload multiple photos
- Top photo / photos of specific album
- View Photo Albums
- View pictures in an album
- See the labels on the photos
- Upload Video
- Friend Search
- See a list of friends
- View status updates directly from the contact card NEW
- Linked indicator contact in the buddy list for quick access NEW
- Add a title to share photos from your camera NEW
- High resolution photo uploads NEW
Currently has the support of Twitter:
- Tweet Post
- View and tweet list itself
- Responding to a tweet
- Favorites / non-favorite a tweet
- Remove powered
- @ Mention (user)
- Friend View profile, look at the profile itself
- Direct message (Access to the Inbox)
- Send a direct message
- Respond to direct message
- Remove a direct message
- View favorites
- New Retweet
- Find the fan NEW
Currently supported Renren:
- Verification of the line
Updates - View the activity of friends (including the number of comments and likes)
-? View user S own activity updates
- See the comments on the update status
- Comment on charging status update and photo feeds
- Upload picture
- View? profile, view their own profile
- Friend Search

Contacts for improvement:
* Update status directly in contact card
* Indicator related contact in the buddy list

improvements Actions:
* Add a title to share photos from your camera
* Removing upload photos> compression up high resolution images

Facebook / Twitter improvements:
* Retweet
* See list of supporters

Disclaimer: This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator. Created by Ajid 'Penulis.kecil'

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i'm 1st :D:D:D

Kom-Blog said...

ijin sedot gan

Penulis.kecil said...

silahkan gan,,monggo =))

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